How to report?

To make a report or inquiry you can use the following channels:

By phone toll free:

How does it work?

By phone toll free

  • Guatemala: 502 2378 4852
  • Honduras: 22396410 ext. 3842
  • Nicaragua: 7517 5294
  • Panama: 380-2300 ext. 3842
  • The informant tries to have at hand all the information related to the case, as well as evidence material if available, answering the questions: Who? When? Where? How?
  • The informant speaks on the telephone.
  • Connects with an advisor who will listen and support him/her by asking a series of relevant questions so that the case can be properly investigated.
  • The advisor will provide alternatives for sending evidence if available.
  • The informant receives a tracking code which is very important to keep for future reference.

By Web Assistant

  • The informant tries to have at hand all the information related to the case, answering the questions: Who? When? Where? How?
  • The informant enters the form and the Dynamic Web Assistant takes him/her by the hand asking relevant questions according to the information he/she provides.
  • Upon completing the report, the system will give you a tracking code, which is very important to keep in order to follow up on your report.

Mobile App

Download the EthicsGlobal application from the Play Store or Appstore.

Once you have downloaded the app you must scan the QR code that appears on the main screen of this site.


By using the tracking code provided when you submitted your report, the person can at any time call the line, or enter it into the Ethics System to:

  • Know the status of the investigation.
  • Know the conclusion.
  • Provide additional information.
  • Repeat the report.
  • Attach files of evidence.


Questions and solutions

1) Will there be any kind of retaliation for making a report or asking a question?

Ficohsa guarantees the anonymity of the informants when submitting a report through any of the means we make available. EthicsGlobal intermediation guarantees the confidential handling of the information.

2) How can I follow up on a report I have submitted?

When you submit a question or report, the system will provide you with a folio number. You can track your report by entering this number through the main screen of this portal. We suggest you check the status of the report periodically to view any changes in status or to address information requests.

3) After filing a report, will I be informed of the resolution?

Ficohsa will only inform the informant of the status of the investigation. The content and results of the investigation are confidential.

4) What kind of information or data is needed to use the Ficohsa reporting portal?

The reporting portal can be used to submit a report or follow up on a previous report. When submitting a report you will be asked to provide information about the incident in as much detail as possible. In order to better investigate your report it is recommended:

  • Give the full name(s) and position(s) of those involved, name the person(s) with knowledge of the facts (Witnesses).
  • Describe the place and date where the events occurred.
  • If possible, obtain elements that may serve as evidence.
  • Write a detailed account of how the events occurred.

5) How long will it take to resolve a report already made?

EthicsGlobal ends the information to the corresponding Committee within a maximum of 48 hours after the report has been made; Ficohsa will determine the investigation and solution times for the reports made.

6) When should I use the Ficohsa reporting portal?

When you know of, are informed of, or are involved in a situation that violates any ethical behavior, as well as when you have concerns or a compliance issue that you would prefer to have handled by a third party rather than dealing directly with your manager or another person at work.

The decision to use the reporting portal is entirely voluntary.

7) What happens if after submitting my report I want to provide more information?

At any time, an informant can access the portal to provide new information or report a reoccurrence, with the follow-up folio, the new data collected can be incorporated at any time while the investigation is ongoing.

8) What happens if I observe or witness a violation and do not report it?

Anyone can report ethical and integrity violations affecting the organization and its members.